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Making handicrafts isn’t for everyone.

SEED recognizes that micro-enterprise cannot always mean making jewelry, bags, or other handicrafts that will sell in the US.  People have different skills, and communities need different products and services.  Your investment in these SEED Capital efforts promotes livelihood for more than one individual or family; we work with groups to see greater community transformation.




SEED is honored to help dream and help build the foundation for Priya Design School.  This school is growing out of the founders’ passion to help disadvantaged girls.  They are already teaching girls and young women art, design, and product development.

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Help community educators have sustainable work so they can reach out to their communities.

This group has obtained training and created a business plan, and need only $4000 to start their farm and purchase the first set of pigs. At the end of the first year, they will sell pigs and save some for multiplication to bless their community.

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SEED often receives requests from groups for capital investment or training related to their business: equipment, initial animals, office or retail space. Any donation amount helps meet those needs without frequent special appeals.

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