Cambodia - Reaksmei

Reaksmei means “light” or “enlighten” in Khmer, the language of the Cambodian people. Reaksmei works with artisans in both urban and rural settings. People who live in Cambodian villages survive through their labor in farming, even though they may not have a regular income. It is even more difficult in the city because the standard of living is much higher. Wives of pastors and church planters in Cambodia began creating the skirts and purses, and that group has grown by way of sewing classes taught to the neighborhood women.

Artisans trained in watercolors are able to pursue educational opportunities that would never have been afforded them without Reaksmei. One painter, Thyvenn, is also a church planter and pastor — pastoring two churches and planting a third. He supports himself now with oil painting.

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