Book: “Pendo: God loves Africa”

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Martha Kirkpatrick’s stories and memoirs from her many decades in Africa. See how much God loves Africa (pendo means love) and see your own love for Africa grow. Paperback, 248 pages.

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Martha Kirkpatrick, affectionately known as “St. Martha” is one of the main inspirations for St. Martha’s Ministry which includes the Faraja Widows micro-enterprise group in Kenya. (See their bone jewelry under our “Jewelry” category).

Martha’s description of her book Pendo: God Loves Africa:

“This book tells in brief the fifty years my in-laws served in Africa as pioneer missionaries and how our life for forty-one years after theirs was different, because of independence of African countries, as well as modernization. I hope it shows the thrill and love we have for Africa and her people. The basic goal in writing this book was to tell our grandchildren and our friends what living in Africa was like and the difference God makes when people follow Him. I wish I had another life to give to Africa”.


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