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Case of olive oil, great gifts! (250ml bottles)

$ 400.00

To ensure high quality olive oil, we order when it is freshly harvested.  We plan on ordering more cases of 250ml olive oil from Spain in November 2022. 

This is very high quality, great-tasting extra virgin olive oil!

Cases come with a variety of three great olive oils, including Arbequina, Cornicabra, and Picual. For this 250ml bottle size, buy a case of 24 bottles!  Put a ribbon on a bottle of olive oil and instantly have a useful, tasteful gift you can give to neighbors, friends, coworkers and even church members throughout the year. 

  • Save $176 by buying a case at $400. 
  • One case = 24 bottles with 250ml each.
  • Each bottles retails for $24, so buying them separately would be $576.
  • See below for flavor profiles.


Experiment and enjoy arbequina, picual and/or cornicabra varieties of olive oil!  (Let us know in the notes at checkout how many bottles you’d like in each flavor.)  Buy this case for $400 and you will be saving $176!  (Buying 24 bottles separately would be $576.)

SEED Livelihood and the Spain FMC are partnering to bring you S’Farad Olive Oil.  Your purchase of aromatic, delicious, extra virgin cold press olive oil supports economic justice, sustainable livelihood, community outreach, and new futures.

Olive Oil Varieties

  • Arbequina is a classic olive oil, incredibly versatile and fantastic with breads, pasta, and so much more.
  • Cornicabra olive oil has a golden color with a slightly fruity flavor. Perfect for warm salads, stewed vegetables, and for making sauces.
  • Picual olive oil comes from valley farmlands and tends to have more depth of fresh and elegant olive flavor. Great for salads, soups and bread dipping.

Wholesalers: Because SEED pays fair trade wages to our artisan partners, and because we keep prices low for our customers, there are a few products we are not able to offer at our regular wholesale discount. Our prices for 3-packs and cases of olive oil are already priced at wholesale rates.

Additional information

1 case = 24 bottles

8 bottles of each, 12 bottles of arbequina & 12 bottles of cornicabra


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