Handcrafted natural skin care soap – honey

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Handmade soap with ingredients you’ll love. Honey softens your skin and works to gently clear skin.

Give your skin a healthy, natural glow with honey. Honey has natural antibacterial properties that make it a great acne treatment. It also contains antioxidants that help to slow the effects of aging on skin.

Soap sizes vary.

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Handcrafted natural skin care soap with honey made by Sense of Community ن Project in Jordan.  Sense of Community brings refugees from across the Middle East together to provide training and to help them move forward after having their lives uprooted.

They employ refugees in various handicrafts, including making soap with ingredients native to their region. In the midst of humanitarian crisis, these refugees work to bless their community and produce meaningful products.

Because SEED operates on such slim margins, a few products – like the handcrafted soaps – are not available for wholesale.

1 review for Handcrafted natural skin care soap – honey

  1. Margaret Nelson

    I bought some of this soap and others available here to give as gifts. The people who received them were very happy!

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