Tools for Mango Showers

Update: Mango Showers now has updated tools, safety equipment, and some security enclosure. Could you help them purchase a new jigsaw?  Any amount from $20-$100 is helpful.

Minimum Price: $ 20.00

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Original status:
SEED is honored to help dream and help build the foundation for Mango Showers’ Priya Design School.  This school is growing out of the founders’ passion to help disadvantaged girls.  They are already teaching girls and young women art, design, and product development. SEED is honored to partner with them as they grow, develop, and put the pieces in place for further ministry. Any gift amount between $20 and $1000 is helpful toward their goal.

The next steps of the foundation for the design school are a few more updated tools, safety equipment, and a security enclosure.  Lessons currently take place in the founders’ rooftop workshop.  A building is being built next door (about three feet away), a quick jump for monkeys or thieves to walk away with the design school power tools — hence the need for the security enclosure.  Please help SEED raise funds for updated tools and safety equipment.


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