Asha Conference Bag for Attendees

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These messenger bags are perfect for conferences, where each bag will be unique. Each one is handwoven by Dayanand Handloom Group.  Give your conference attendees a gift that will last, and will show them that you care about marginalized people around the world.

When you order 25 or more, you get wholesale pricing. When you order 100 or more, you get a further discount. We also credit the cost of this sample bag to you when you place an order for 25 or more. We want to help this incredible group by providing large orders for them!

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Handwoven on looms and incredibly sturdy, these bags last for years, even carrying laptops and library books. This is the bag equivalent of your favorite jeans.

Asha messenger bag was proudly created by Dayanand Hand Loom Group in India. As a result of stigma and permanent disabilities, this group of beautiful people are often refused jobs. However, a master weaver taught others how to weave amazing textiles to provide a sustainable income. Dayanand is a Hindi word meaning “kindness” or “joy”, reflecting the spirit of this amazing group.

Cross-body strap adjusts from 21-40″, and either has a adjustable buckle or can be tied to suit the individual wearer.

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Dimensions 13.5 × 15 in


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