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Pack of 3 fair trade 500ml EVOO

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Our three packs of 500ml extra virgin olive oil bottles come with your choice of arbequina, cornicabra, and picual extra virgin olive oil. Fair trade, high quality EVOO!

Sold out!


Buy an extra virgin olive oil 3-pack and save $18. Enjoy high-quality EVOO coming through S’Farad in Spain even longer with a 3-pack. Guaranteed that you’ll enjoy this great olive oil. SEED Livelihood and the Spain Free Methodist Church are partnering to bring you S’Farad Olive Oil from Into Tarshish. In one purchase of aromatic, delicious, extra virgin cold press olive oil, you support economic justice, sustainable livelihood, and new futures.

Wholesalers: Because SEED pays fair trade wages to our artisan partners, and because we keep prices low for our customers, there are a few products we are not able to offer at our regular wholesale discount. Our prices for 3-packs and cases of olive oil are already priced at wholesale rates.

Olive Oil Varieties

  • Arbequina olive oil is a great standard and flexible olive oil, delicious with all kinds of uses.
  • The oils from the Cornicabra variety have a golden color with greenish tones and a fruity flavor. Its flavor and texture are similar to tropical fruits — perfect for warm salads, stewed vegetables, and for making sauces such as mayonnaise.
  • The Picual variety of low-lying lands tend to have more body, with a slightly bitter taste and a hint of wood and fresh flavor. The oil is intense, fruity, with elegant bitterness and balance – great for salads, soups and bread dipping.


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