Peruvian poncho for girls

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Soft, colorful and warm poncho — matches doll poncho.

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Fits girls approximate sizes 2-6. Peruvian poncho for girls designed and created by Mujeres Jireh of Peru. Mujeres Jireh is Spanish for “women for whom God provides”. They are a network of women in churches throughout Peru, making handicrafts like earrings, alpaca scarves, and hand-dyed woven purses.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 in

2 reviews for Peruvian poncho for girls

  1. Heidi

    This is, in my opinion, the cutest item from SEED! They are just wonderfully made, attractive and do keep my kids warm when they wear it. The accommodate size well. My daughter has been wearing hers for 3 years so far (ages 1,2, now 3!!)

  2. maustell.basler

    I agree with Heidi, this was our first SEED purchase over 2 years ago and it’s still going strong! My daughter loves to wear it and it’s held up so well!

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