Trunk Show Kit

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Host a SEED Livelihood trunk show! We appreciate our great hosts; you are helping groups doing micro-enterprise in their communities around the world!  Please read the entire description & FAQs before purchasing this kit.  When you check out, you are agreeing to be responsible for these wonderful products from livelihood groups and for returning your trunk within 1-2 days of your trunk show.

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Host a SEED trunk show! It’s a fun, easy and effective way to partner with SEED and livelihood groups around the world.

Simply sign up for a trunk show by clicking here; that will give us all the information we need to send you everything for your trunk show. Then come back to this page and purchase this trunk show kit.


What’s in my trunk show kit?

Your trunk show kit will have hints for a successful show, order forms, catalogs, and a DVD. The DVD has videos to help you share about SEED and our partner livelihood groups, including groups that do not make products but do other micro-enterprises that makes sense… like sewing training, raising animals, or starting food carts and other local businesses.

One week before your party, you will receive a “trunk” with all kinds of wonderful products from the livelihood groups with whom SEED is honored to partner. (Okay, so it’s actually a very nice cardboard box, but we’ll pretend it’s a trunk.)

How much is the trunk show kit?

It’s a $10 deposit that will be credited toward your order.

Why does SEED ask for a deposit?

Because we are entrusting you with incredible products from livelihood groups we love. In return, you are entrusting us with your credit card information and agreeing to two very important things. The first is to return any unsold products and collected payments within a few days after your trunk show. The second is agreeing to compensate (through your credit card) for any unpaid-for, unreturned products. By putting down a $10 deposit with your credit card, you are agreeing to let us charge your credit card if you don’t return all payments and unsold products.


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