SEED is your way to buy from small business ministries that grow hope. It's easy to sign up for our wholesale discount. Then you can sell (or give away) high-quality fair-trade goods, blessing people close to you and around the world.

Wholesale orders start at just $350 after discount.

You only have to do 2 things:

  1. Fill out the form to the right, and we will send you coupon codes to access our wholesale discount.
  2. Choose what you want from our online store, apply a coupon code, and your order will begin processing right away!

Wondering how we make this work?

  • We’ve already paid the artisan groups in full. Your wholesale order helps us re-order more from them. Large orders help them become more sustainable, employing more people.
  • SEED operates on a very slim margin (supplemented by donations so we can help as many livelihood groups as possible). That slim margin means our prices are very reasonable. The products will be yours to price as you wish.  (You can even give some away if you want.)  It is very likely that you can sell these products for more than our retail prices.  


Your discount will come off the lowest online price, including sale prices. Your subsequent orders only need to be a minimum of $150 after discount.

For shipping, you receive a low rate by adding our flat wholesale shipping rate to your cart.  (Be sure to choose wholesale shipping so your order can be processed immediately.)

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